Speaking of Wheated, there’s a century-old bread oven in the basement! Just a couple weeks after signing the lease on the space, owner David Sheridan discovered this amazing antique built into the building’s foundation. It extends into the backyard, which is cemented over. The oven hasn’t been used in decades but it’s far easier to leave it in place than it would be to have it removed. The door was made by Dumbleton and Son in Brooklyn. Photo #3 shows the interior arch of the oven and the final shot is the light box (but it look more like something from a ghost hunt).

Wheated (Ditmas Park, Brooklyn)

Just some sexy shots from my first visit to Wheated in the Ditmas Park section of Brooklyn. This place is the product of years of backyard testing and research by owner David Sheridan. Some lucky pizza tours have even had the chance to visit his backyard with me for early testing before he even signed the lease on this space! His dough is made by hand and uses 100% natural fermentation. It’s also a pretty serious bourbon bar! I don’t remember all the names of the pies we had but just show these photos to your server and you’ll be good to go. Enjoy!

905 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Open 6-midnight every day except for Monday!