I first met Mike Hauke on August 15, 2010. Mike’s wife Jill had arranged for a surprise 30th birthday party pizza tour and his entire family joined me for an afternoon of ridiculousness. Beyond simply loving pizza, Mike apparently owned a small shop called Tony Baloney’s in Atlantic City that specialized in funky pizza and sandwiches. I eventually had a chance to check it out a couple years ago and it was solid, but Mike recently opened a Hoboken location and it completely blew my mind!

The pizza was great — they do a huge variety of funky topping combos. But the sandwiches stole the show. There was a crazy Korean BBQ sandwich and even a Jewish Mothers’ Brisket and Horoset sandwich. My mind was blown. I dragged two of my buddies and their minds were blown as well, so it wasn’t just me.

Mike’s getting featured on tons of national TV shows and getting loads of great reviews. Hoboken has nearly 40 pizzerias (in just 1 square mile) and there’s still plenty of room for something like Tony Baloney’s. GO THERE NOW!!!

Vesuvio Foods Northeast Pizza Competition

I had the opportunity to emcee a pizza competition for Vesuvio Foods in Atlantic City last week and it was amazing! There were 16 competitors from 16 different pizzerias throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even one from Ohio. I got to talk on stage about pizza for over 6 hours. Fun!

I’m stalling as the scored are tabulated for this round of competition.

Commentating about the entry from Goodfella’s in Manhattan / Victory Blvd in Staten Island / Bayonne.

I even got a special delivery from Mike Hauke, Pizza Tour alum and owner of Tony Baloney’s in Atlantic City. He brought me a fresh Reuben Pizza!