NEW Phone Book Pizza Stats


A new phone book arrived on my stoop and it reveals amazing insight into the state of pizza in Brooklyn. Here are some stats:

- The book lists 518 phone numbers for pizzerias
- There are 19 listings for Domino’s Pizza
- There are 14 listings for Papa John’s plus a location at 3528 Nostrand Ave that’s spelled “Pappa John’s” for some reason (it’s a Papa John’s)
- There are 5 listings for Little Caesar’s
- No Pizza Huts are listed
- Popular pizzeria names include Sal’s (4), Vinny’s (4 + 1 Vinnie’s), Luigi’s (5), Rocco’s (6), Gino’s (6 + 1 Gina’s) but the most popular is Tony’s (13)
- There are no Ray’s pizzerias but 2 Not Ray’s listings remain
- Remove all duplicate listings and the Big Four chains and you’re left with 449 pizzerias in Brooklyn!