Trenton Tomato Pie Lives On After Delorenzo’s Closes

A week before the closing of Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies, with Men Who Dine and Pizza Rules.

Last weekend marked the end of an era for Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies on Hudson Street in Trenton, NJ. It was one of the country’s greatest pizzerias, not only because of its  food but also as an iconic space that was enjoyed by so many over the course of its 60+ years in existence. But although Trenton’s pizza (err…. tomato pie) scene has taken a hit, there’s still refuge for those who dig an honest place for an honest pie that hasn’t been corrupted or modified since day 1. After my final visit to Delorenzo’s on Hudson St with Men Who Dine and Nick from Pizza Rules, we hit two additional spots to round out the trip. It’s obvious that the Trenton tomato pie lives on even without its most famous landmark.

Delorenzo’s Pizza on Hamilton Ave
First of all, notice the difference in the name: Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies on Hudson Street is the one that just closed (on Sunday) and Delorenzo’s Pizza on Hamilton Ave remains open. The two were started by brothers but the pizza is completely different. DTP (Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies) lays the sauce on top of the cheese while DP (Delorenzo’s Pizza) cheeses above the sauce. The crust is also different but I don’t want to go down this road or we’ll be comparing doorknob and toilet seat choices before long. Suffice it to say this is a place you can grab some good food and be comfortable while doing it.

I know, it’s empty. That’s because Nick and I got there as they were about to close. The line at DTP was long so we had only 30 min to stop by the remaining two pizzerias on our hit list (both are closed by 8:45pm). Just look at those beautiful red booths and classy wood paneling. Just in case you can’t taste it from a photo of the interior, here’s a shot of the pie…

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Pizza Slice Nutrition Facts

I just saw something super interesting at a pizzeria in New Jersey. I was celebrating the official arrival of summer with a visit to Pizza Town USA in Elmwood Park. They claim to have been the first to sell pizza by the slice in NJ and also the first to bring calzones into the garden state. The place is super funky and the same family that opened Pizza Town in 1958 continues to sling dough to this very day.

As interesting as all that might be, it gets even better. I picked up a menu and found a complete set of nutrition facts for the pizza. You know, just like the side of a cereal box. Chain restaurants are required to give calorie counts, but this place is about as far from being a chain as you can get. And these nutrition facts go way above and beyond those required from McDonalds and KFC.

It really blew my mind that an independent pizzeria decided to voluntarily post stats like this. I’m not one for calorie counting, but these numbers don’t look all that bad. This is a 16” pie and each slice is just 230 calories. On the other hand, the sodium level looks pretty dang high. But let’s just ignore all that for a while. It is summer, after all.

Pizza Town USA
89 US Hwy 46
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
(201) 797-6172

NOTE: Ignore the nutritional content of this post and grab some zeppoles next time you’re at Pizza Town USA, they are among the best on the planet. What’s a zeppole? It’s a doughnut covered in powdered sugar. OH YEAH!