Found in the Freezer

It suddenly became ridiculously hot in New York so I thought it necessary to clean out the freezer to make way for tons of ice pops. Check out what I found…

This frozen dough ball is labeled December 11, 2010. I’m going to try to hold onto it for another six months and bake pizza with it on its birthday.

Another frozen dough, but this one’s way more special than the one I made. It was a gift from Jon Porter of Chicago Pizza Tours, who sent it to me about a year ago. I remember it being pretty much blown out when I got it but for some reason I deemed it necessary to save, knowing full well that I had let it sit in my mailbox too long and it would never mature into a full-grown pizza. After pulling it out of the freezer, I reminded myself that this was far past its prime and deserved to move on to the afterlife. Then I put it right back into the freezer. Sorry roommates!

Finally, I found the remains of an entire pizza. You can probably tell that these slices didn’t come from the same womb, they represent at least three different pizzerias. The slice in the far distance looks like a fallen soldier from John’s of Bleecker Street and the two slices with the splotchy mozzarella look like Lombardi’s. The slice to the far right on the bottom of the frame may be a leftover from one of my solitary pizza nights (where I bake four pies but nobody’s home so I eat as much as I possibly can and pass out on the kitchen floor). But that leaves the three glowing yellow wedges in the center. Their crusts are notably more pale with undersides scarred by a wicked baking screen. The contrast is incredible when lined up next to the other guys. These outcasts are the property and responsibility of my roommate…

Professional Pizza Reheater

I am a huge fan of reheating leftover pizza slices for one minute on a scorching-hot frying pan. It works well because the brief (yet strong) heat necessary for optimal revitalization of an aging slice without risking microwave-induced sogginess. Since you’re only heating the slice for just over a minute, it’s way more efficient than preheating your entire oven for a measly 25 square inches of grub.

This guy knows what’s up. We met three years ago in Tzevat (Israel) and instantly formed a bond. We may not have exchanged words, but his pizza reheating method spoke volumes. He operates out of a little street cart, stocked with nothing more than a few dozen pre baked quasi-pizzas and a gas-fueled domed contraption. All it takes is a minute or two and you’re ready to rock!

It’s a little funky because he heats up his pies face-down. Luckily the toppings are pretty sparse (either tomato or olive) so nothing gets left behind on the dome. I keep my slices face-up on the frying pan to avoid losing too many delicious bits, but this man has absolutely no fear in his eyes or in his mustache.