I did an interview with a cool new site called Pizza Life, run by my friend Gianluca Rottura. He’s a serious pizza lover and wine aficionado.  He has a killer wine store in NYC and a book about wine called Wine Made Easy. I’m super excited about this interview because it reveals some deep secrets, such as which concert I went to after eating a great slice of Sicilian pizza last summer. ENJOY!

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show - PIZZA

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My homeslice Jeff Rubin recently launched a podcast in which he interviews people about really cool things they’re into and this week’s jam session is about PIZZA! We talked about the development of Scott’s Pizza Tours, how I research, and whether or not it’s an actual job. It’s a great show and I was super excited to chat with Jeff because, unlike most interviewers, he has known me since we were 8 years old. Back then, Jeff used to pull the cheese off his pizza. Now he writes and appears in content on CollegeHumor.com.

Jeff and I have easily shared hundreds of pizzas, including an insane night years back when we ordered a Pizza Hut 4x4 (4 pizza, 4 toppings, 4 orders of breadsticks, 4 bottles of soda) and ate every disgusting bit of it in his parents’ living room. It resulted in the worst smell I’ve ever experienced. We were young.

Hit this link to download The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show Episode 3 - Scott of Scott’s Pizza Tours. ENJOY!