Reviews are in for VIVA LA PIZZA!

"…delightful and informative." - The New York Times

A little slice of art.” - The Wall Street Journal

“[This] fascinating book shows pizza boxes like you’ve never seen, emblazoned with artful images so original and unexpected they would be at home in a food museum.” - The Sacramento Bee

“The detail to which Wiener chronicles the boxes is kind of insane.” - Hyper Allergic

“…one of the most effusive displays of love for corrugated cardboard the world will ever know.” - The Independent

“[This] new book answers questions you probably never asked” - USA Today

*Find out more about the book and where to buy it here.

My Book About Pizza Boxes Has Arrived!!!

I wrote a book about pizza boxes. It comes out Tuesday, November 5 (one week from today). I’m super excited about it.

Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box presents over 100 amazing pizza boxes from around the world and tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the history, art and technology of mankind’s most under appreciated art form.

Find out more about the book on my website, which has page previews, purchasing information and book events in YOUR TOWN!

Pre-order your copy TODAY from McNally Jackson (signed copies!), Amazon, or get 40% off with promo code PIZZA when purchasing directly from my publisher Melville House! It will also be available in Barnes and Noble bookstores and indie shops everywhere.

I’ve gotten some amazing pizza boxes from people all over the world but this just might be the best batch yet. Thomas sent some gems from Adelaide, Australia and Tobias delivered a pizza box that has been on my wish list for months. Also featured in this video are the eco-friendly GreenBox and Hybrid Pizza Box, which bring innovative ideas to the world of pizza box engineering.

New Pizza Box Shelf

My dad recently showed me his old coin collection. He keeps it in a series of books, each with its own pre-labeled compartments so he knows exactly which coins he’s missing and what doubles he has. How convenient!

I wish I had a collection that was so neat and tidy, but my stack of pizza boxes is quite the opposite. Some pieces (yes, I call them pieces) have scraps of cheese or grease splotches stuck to the lids, but that’s easily taken care of with a quick scrape and a spray of lacquer. For the past few months I’ve been way more concerned with storage options. With my flimsy over-the-desk bookshelf buckling under the weight of some 100+ pizza boxes, I decided it was time to take action.

First I had to examine and sort my collection. This was fascinating because most of these pieces have been sent to me by pizza tour alumni and relatives. I have boxes from Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, China, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Austria, Kazakhstan and more. I even have some limited edition boxes from pizzerias and pizza distributors!

All it took was about $15 worth of lumber and I was ready for action. Now my dangerously stacked pile is safely nestled in the unused airspace above my bedroom door! The only trouble is that now I have tons of usable pizza box storage space, so contact me if you find a sweet box and I’ll let you know about all the prizes I can give you for sending it my way.

[sorry for all the blurry cell phone photos but you get the idea]