Your Pizza Calendar, Starting With National Cheese Pizza Day

This image is from the greatest pizza website ever, Slice!

That’s right. Today is National Cheese Pizza Day. Its origins are unclear, but its meaning certainly is. I know what you’re thinking: “How did National Cheese Pizza Day sneak up on me so fast this year?” Well, we have busy lives and sometimes these things just pop up. You’re probably also wondering what other pizza celebration days you’re missing from you calendar. Well here you go:

September 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day

October is National Pizza Month

October 11 is National Sausage Pizza Day

November 12 is National Pizza with Everything But Anchovies Day

February 9 is National Pizza Day

June 11 is the anniversary of the naming of the Pizza Margherita

I’m sure you’ll find a way to celebrate pizza the other eight months of the year. ENJOY!

2012 Pizza Calendar Roundup

Three great calendars from three extremely different pizzerias.

Of all the trends hitting the pizza scene lately, the buzz word of 2012 thus far seems to be calendar. Three of the city’s most varied pizzerias each decided to welcome the new year with their very own custom-made wall calendars. And these aren’t lame calendars either, they’re extremely well designed with as much personality as the pizzerias themselves. Here’s a look at what’s to come in 2012 through the eyes of John’s of Bleecker Street, L’asso and Two Boots.

Each month features a still from a famous New York City movie with one major modification: main characters faces have been replaced with those of the pizzeria staff! There’s even a caption with ever page that ties John’s Pizzeria into the film’s plot. It’s pretty goofy but hilarious, especially if you go there often enough to recognize the staff. A company called Three Room Press has made the calendars for John’s Pizzeria since 2011 and it looks like it’s becoming a tradition.

This caption says: “If only The Warriors had made it back to Coney Island without stopping to eat some John’s of Bleecker Street, they might have had a chance. But on the other hand, what a way to go!” 

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