SPT Turns 3 TODAY!

It has been exactly three years since I ran my first official pizza tour on the big yellow school bus (April 27, 2008). So much has happened over the past three years and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has ever been involved in any way.

Thanks to all the people who have taken tours (there are almost 10,000 of you out there!); thanks to all the pizza lovers who have emailed me with suggestions; thanks to all the editors and journalists who have written about SPT; thanks to PMQ and Pizza Today for welcoming me and SPT into the national pizza community; thanks to Tony Muia from A Slice of Brooklyn for helping me get started; thanks to anyone who has ever reviewed us on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Zerve or told a friend about our tours; thanks to all my fellow pizza enthusiasts and bloggers who have hipped me to new spots, shared slices with me, even taken pizza trips with me; thanks to my family for not having me committed when I quite a steady job with benefits. Most importantly, I want to thank all the pizzerias who have been so warm and welcoming to our groups. We only do what we do because they are too busy selling pizza to tell their own stories.

Thank you all for supporting SPT these past three years. We look forward to sharing more slices with you as we continue our journey through the ever-changing NYC pizza landscape.

Yours in pizza,

Birthday Presents!

That’s right, I was born during National Pizza Month (October). Well, technically I was born in the month that would years later be designated National Pizza Month, but it’s exciting nonetheless. My birthday is really just an excuse for friends and family members to practice their Googling skills as they scour the Internet in search of the most obscure pizza-related gifts. This year’s crop of slice merchandise sets a new standard of excellence.

First the cards:


This next card from The Godfather reminds me of a photo I took of his refrigerator when I visited him in San Francisco for a pizza safari last February.

Speaking of The Godfather, he always wins the award for most incredible theme gifts. This year’s batch included the Pizza USB Thumb Drive, Pizza Pouch and the show-stopping School Bus Tire Photo-Stamped Measuring Tape (perfect for taking slice stats). There are no words.


While The Godfather was searching for amazing pizza gifts, others were creating their own. Just check out these incredible logo-emblazoned SPT mugs from my friend Renee. She apparently photographed her SPT shirt and cleaned up the image before sending it to the mug company. Absolutely amazing, thank you Renee!

There was a bit of a theme this year with SPT promo items (none of which will be available for sale anytime soon) and this next one is a doozey. My pal Rachel (her new book came out yesterday!!!) has taken many a pizza tour and joined me on the San Francisco pizza safari, so she knows how important it is to walk in between slices. I hereby present to you my new Custom SPT Pizza Sneakers. Note the basil-sauce-cheese color scheme. Thanks Rachel!

This was a truly incredible batch and I thank all the companies whose products are now a part of my collection. Be sure to check them out for your pizza-obsessed friend.