Help Wheated Pizzeria Recover From Sandy

David and Kim Sheridan have been planning on opening a pizzeria for years. They searched for restaurant spaces while David honed his skills on the wood-fired oven he built in his own backyard. Some pizza tour attendees were even lucky enough to have eaten pizza with Kim and David in their backyard shrine to deliciousness. They welcomed us and shared some of the best pizza we’ve eaten on any tour. The good news is that they found a space in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn and plan to open their pizzeria/bar called Wheated in early 2013. (While cleaning out the basement a few months back, they even found a century-old coal-burning bread oven!)

In David and Kim’s backyard with a pizza tour group last summer.

It was shaping up to be an extremely exciting spot for pizza lovers but Superstorm Sandy created a major speed bump. David and Kim had restaurant equipment stored in Coney Island, one of the worst hit parts of the city. It wasn’t until a week after the storm hit that they learned about the flooding in their storage space. A pair of Moretti Forni ovens were already corroded and insurance doesn’t cover losses from flooding. It’s a huge setback, but David and Kim are more determined than ever to open their pizzeria.

One of David’s pizzas. It was amazing.

Please consider donating to Wheated's recovery. If you're thinking of checking out David and Kim's place anytime in 2013, it only makes sense to pay for your pizza now when they need it the most!


Powerless Pizzerias in Lower Manhattan

Sandy may have knocked out all power in lower Manhattan but it can’t possibly slow down the city’s pizza habit. Here’s how some pizzerias in Lower Manhattan are dealing with having no power.

Lombardi’s on Spring Street is using a car battery to power a few lights so the kitchen staff can see what they’re doing. Good thing 115 year old coal fired ovens need no power.

Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street uses gas ovens, so they work just fine sans electricity. All they need are a couple flashlights so they can tell when each pie is perfectly baked. I had a slice, it was excellent!

John’s of Bleecker St has no power but they DO have an amazing sign indicating so.

Keste on Bleecker St is so romantic with candles lighting the way. Wood fired ovens need no power to churn out deliciousness.

Pizza Box on Bleecker Street uses these cool (Pixar) flashlights to light their display.

Yesterday’s pizza tour hit Forcella, where we enjoyed a combination of wood fired pizza, candles, flashlights and owner Giulio Adriani.

Newbies Cowboy Pizza on Clinton St made their dough in Long Island and closed when it ran out, just before sundown.