Luzzo’s Limited Edition Seven Sins Pizza

People always ask me what’s the craziest pizza I’ve ever had and I’m proud to announce a new contender for the big prize. To celebrate its 7th anniversary, Luzzo’s (211 First Ave in Manhattan) debuted a limited edition 7 Sins pizza earlier this week. It features an ingredient for each of the seven deadly sins. There’s mozzarella for sloth, tomato for envy, caramelized eggplant for gluttony, a drizzle of Barolo wine reduction for pride, walnuts (inside the rolled eggplant) for greed and Nutella with shaved dark chocolate for lust. The whole thing gets topped with a Serrano pepper for wrath. YOWZA!

Owner Michele Iuliano prepares his celebratory 7 Sins Pizza.

But how does it taste? I was surprised that such a laundry list of ingredients didn’t get overwhelming or confusing. In fact, my only real complaint is that the Serrano pepper trampled some of the more subtle ingredients. This isn’t the kind of pizza I’d normally order, but it’s definitely a lot of fun to eat!

Get it while it’s on the menu for the next few days… Luzzo’s is located at 211 1st Ave (12th Street).

Check out this awesome article on Slice about my VERY first pizza tour! I can hardly believe it has been two years since the maiden voyage of the pizza bus. The whole thing started with a love of pizza, a bunch of awesome friends and a birthday party.

I was turning 26 and all I wanted to do was eat a ton of pizza with my buddies. My car only fits five people, and even that’s tight, so I started fishing around for buses to charter. We ended up with a school bus for five hours and hit six different pizzerias. There were almost thirty of us, so we placed orders while en route and took our pizza to go. We would finish our slice just as we rolled up to the next pizzeria. It was awesome. I even made everybody goody bags. After all, it was a birthday party!

Not much has changed since that first tour. The goody bags are fancier, we get to actually go inside the pizzerias, there is more detailed discussion of the science behind pizza, and I have a t-shirt with a logo on it. But the vibe is exactly the same. Every tour feels like a party.

If you were on that first tour, this article will crack you up. If you have taken a tour in the past two years, this article is the best explanation to the question everyone asks me: “How did you get started running pizza tours?”