Giorgia Caporuscio Wins First Place in Italian Pizza Competition

Big congratulations to Giorgia Caporuscio for winning first place in the classic pizza category at the 12th annual International Pizza Competition in Italy. Giorgia is head pizzaiola at Kesté Pizza e Vino and also makes pizzas at Don Antonio by Starita, both located in New York City. She’s only been making pizza for just over two years, but clearly she’s already showing her chops.

Canned Tomato Taste Test Results

The results of our first blind taste test of 16 canned tomatoes have been posted on Slice! We tried a variety of tomatoes from local grocery stores, supermarkets, pizzerias and restaurant supply stores. Tasters include Roberto Caporuscio (Keste), Adam Kuban (Slice), Brooks Jones (Me, Myself and Pie), Jason Fierman (I Dream of Pizza), Nick Sherman (Pizza Rules) and tomato researcher Erica Mole.

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