Viva La Pizza - Book Tour!

I’m hitting the road this month to bring the pizza box love to a few cities around the US. Each event will feature a talk about pizza and pizza boxes followed by some pizza tasting! I’ll also be eating a bunch of pizza in each city before and after the events to keep in touch by tweeting @scottspizzatour and we’ll meet up!

Monday, November 11 - Chicago Pizza Tour (Chicago, IL)
We’re hitting four pizzerias in 3 hours aboard the Dough Force One. This is a rad tour and I’ve been waiting YEARS to take it. Buy tickets here.

Tuesday, November 12 - 57th Street Books (Chicago, IL)
Pizza talk + tasting from Edwardo’s Natural Pizza. Details here.

Wednesday, November 13 - Comet Ping Pong (Washington, DC)
This one’s going to be extra awesome because we’re doing a pizza box design contest and the winner gets a free bar tab. Plus there’ll be pizza on hand and books for sale via Politics and Prose. Details here.

Tuesday, November 19 - Otto Pizzeria (BU Campus - Boston, MA)
No messing around, this event is AT the pizzeria! We’ll have a tasting and talk about pizza, pizza boxes, etc. It’s sponsored by Brookline Booksmith, so books will be available. Details here.

Tuesday, November 26 - New York Public Library (NYC)
I’ll be giving a lecture about the history of the pizza box at the Mid-Manhattan branch. Details here.

*Keep your eye on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!

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