Happy Vegan Pizza Day!

Today is Vegan Pizza Day! Make a pizza, eat a pizza, try a new pizzeria, take your friend out for pizza… whatever you want to do just EAT SOME DANG PIZZA!

There’s a Facebook group for it!

Folks in LA are definitely getting excited and my brother is even doing a vegan pizza crawl so contact him via Twitter @VeganSnacker for hot vegan pizza action.

Just a quick note on this joyous day: pizza does not need to be cheesy to count as pizza. The original pizza consumers were too poor to afford cheese, so most of the earliest pizzas were completely cheeseless. Besides that historical factoid, I’m just not really into any of the vegan cheese substitutes. It’s nice when pizzerias have a special vegan option with tons of veggies and all that but a great Pizza Marinara at a Neapolitan pizzeria will not have any animal products. The dough is flour, salt, water and yeast. No egg or milk or anything. The topping is just tomato, garlic, oil and herbs. It’s incredibly delicious without the need to pile heaps of ingredients on top. Check it out!

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    Happy Vegan Pizza Day! The ultimate health-conscious choice!
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