Professional Pizza Reheater

I am a huge fan of reheating leftover pizza slices for one minute on a scorching-hot frying pan. It works well because the brief (yet strong) heat necessary for optimal revitalization of an aging slice without risking microwave-induced sogginess. Since you’re only heating the slice for just over a minute, it’s way more efficient than preheating your entire oven for a measly 25 square inches of grub.

This guy knows what’s up. We met three years ago in Tzevat (Israel) and instantly formed a bond. We may not have exchanged words, but his pizza reheating method spoke volumes. He operates out of a little street cart, stocked with nothing more than a few dozen pre baked quasi-pizzas and a gas-fueled domed contraption. All it takes is a minute or two and you’re ready to rock!

It’s a little funky because he heats up his pies face-down. Luckily the toppings are pretty sparse (either tomato or olive) so nothing gets left behind on the dome. I keep my slices face-up on the frying pan to avoid losing too many delicious bits, but this man has absolutely no fear in his eyes or in his mustache.

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